Last week we voted, today we continue our fight ✊🏽

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Over the past two months, our team here at the Arab American Civic Council has been getting out the Arab American vote for this historic Primary Elections. We mobilized our community to make their values represented by contacting more than 3,300 Arab American households in Orange County to encourage them to vote through nonpartisan phone banking and door-to-door canvassing.

Our fight, however, is not over yet. Last week we voted, but today we continue our fight to end the Muslim and African ban, among many other issues that impact our community.

The Muslim and African Ban, like so many other policies from this administration, is bigoted and rooted in a desire to exclude communities of color. Trump is once again looking for ways to change the composition of this country and redefine who belongs, based on the color of their skin, religion, and their wealth. Simply put: he wants to make America white and only for the rich. He is using this new ban to undercut yet another avenue for people of color to come to the U.S,

Together, and with your support, we will continue to fight this ban. Click here to volunteer with us.

In solidarity,

All of us at the Arab American Civic Council