Arab Americans gear up to vote in Orange County

The Arab American Civic Council  recently launched its voter outreach campaign to mobilize Arab Americans to participate in the upcoming elections to help restore justice, fairness and equality in our country. Focusing on Orange County, the Arab American Civic Council reached out to more than 5000 Arab American voters over the past couple of months at community events and through phone banking and canvassing.

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With support from the National Network for Arab American Communities, AACC’s team is empowering and activating thousands of local Arab Americans prior to the November 6 midterm elections. AACC’s staff and volunteers are on the ground registering new voters at community events and gatherings and educating them about the upcoming elections.

Orange County has emerged as a political battleground ahead of the November midterm elections as Democrats and Republicans compete over Congressional Districts 39, 45, 48, and 49.  Arab Americans are determined to come out to vote in massive numbers and make sure the issues that impact them such as immigration, travel ban, and racial profiling, are addressed.

IMG_8967.jpgLocally, the Mayoral race in Anaheim, which is home to a large concentration of Arab Americans and immigrant communities, is one of the most important races.  

AACC partnered with a wide range of local organizations to host the Anaheim Mayoral Candidate Forum to be held on Thursday, October 18 at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Anaheim. 

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Join us in celebrating #NationalVoterRegistrationDay!

The Arab American Civic Council is excited to once again participate in a national effort to engage and mobilize Americans in our political process by helping to register over a hundred thousand voters across the country on September 26, 2017, National Voter Registration Day.

First held in 2012 for that year’s presidential election, National Voter Registration Day has become a 50-state holiday where thousands of organizations and volunteers organize to ensure our family, friends, and neighbors are registered to vote.

Have you moved — even just across town — since the last election? Have you changed your name? Will you turn 18 by Election Day? Are you a newly naturalized citizen? Have you not voted in a while?

In all of these cases you may need to register or update your voter registration in order to make your voice heard at the ballot box this November. Click here to register to vote and use #NationalVoterRegistrationDay on social media to spread the word! 

Why register in 2017? States, cities, counties and towns across the country have big elections this fall. Primaries for next year’s state and national elections are just a few months away. National Voter Registration Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved no matter what party you support or which issues matter most to you.

We will be registering voters on September 26 at Olive Tree Restaurant, 518 S. Brookhurst St., Anaheim, CA 92804.



Refugees will share a Ramadan meal with locals in Anaheim’s Little Arabia

13346871_590489667776132_5911829808826721626_nThe Arab American Civic Council will host a Ramadan iftar dinner to welcome refugee families into our communities on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at Olive Tree Restaurant in Anaheim’s Little Arabia. The event is hosted in partnership with World Relief Garden Grove, The Beautiful Resistance, and A Country Called Syria.

13566943_601999199958512_4990025494384899396_nThe purpose of this event is to welcome newly-arrived refugee families and help them integrate into our community.

This event is the second of its kind. Last year, the Arab American Civic Council hosted a similar iftar dinner during the month of Ramadan at the same restaurant. See this KPCC report and this Los Angeles Times report from last year’s event.

Tickets can be purchased at this link.

3 things you can do to celebrate Arab American Heritage Month

On Tuesday, March 21 the Anaheim City Council proclaimed April 2017 as Arab American Heritage Month. To celebrate the month, here are 3 things you can do:

  • Learn about Arab American History, read the Arab American Almanac:
  • Attend the Arab American Heritage Gala on April 22:
  • Visit Little Arabia District


Will Anaheim designate Little Arabia?

During the Anaheim City Council candidates forum hosted at the Arab American Community Center in Anaheim on October 24, 2016, every candidate present stated, if elected, they would support the official designation of Little Arabia.

Little Arabia, a cultural destination in West Anaheim mainly on and around Brookhurst Street, is a collection of Arab-American owned businesses such as Middle Eastern restaurants, cafes, hookah lounges, markets, barbershops, clothing stores, and more.