SIGN PETITION: Protect our right to boycott for justice!

We have the right to boycott for justice in Palestine, just as we have the right to boycott in protest of gun violence, transphobic laws, exploitative labor practices, and racism. As Israeli violence against Palestinians escalates, Congress is trying to shut down tactics used by social justice movements for decades simply because they are being applied in support for Palestinian rights.

We stand together. 250 movement leaders, scholars, organizations, and supporters of justice are signatories to a letter calling on Congress to uphold our right to boycott for justice in Palestine. 

Tell Congress to address the Israeli human rights abuses that are being funded with US tax dollars, and to uphold our right to boycott for justice!

Support Freedom and Justice in the U.S. & Palestine/Israel: Oppose H. Res. 246 / S. Res. 120

A pending resolution in both the House and Senate (H. Res. 246 / S. Res. 120) condemns the grassroots movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions that aims to hold Israel accountable so that Palestinians can gain freedom, justice, and equality. The resolution lends legitimacy to attacks on First Amendment-protected free speech for social justice, gives the right-wing Israeli government the green light to continue attacks on Palestinians, and undermines work towards peace and justice for all people.

Oppose S. 852 That Would Stifle Campus Free Speech on Palestine/Israel

S. 852 is a pending bill in the Senate, misleadingly titled the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. We agree with Jewish Voice for Peace that the bill would be more accurately titled the “Silencing Students Act.” S. 852 bill adds no new protections for Jewish students. Instead, it undermines real and necessary efforts to combat antisemitism and silences First Amendment-protected speech for Palestinian rights on college campuses.

Combating BDS Act (S. 1 / H.R. 336) is Unconstitutional

H.R. 336 is a pending bill in the House that would encourage states to punish people for boycotting for Palestinian rights. H.R. 336 is the companion bill to S. 1, which the Senate passed 77-23 on February 5 (you can respond to their votes here). Both bills incorporate language from the Combating BDS Act, an unconstitutional bill that was defeated in the last Congress. The Combating BDS Act would punish individuals who boycott for Palestinian rights by encouraging states to deny them government contracts.

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