Why I Vote | Pledge Card

What is ‘Why I Vote’ card?

A Why I Vote card is simply a pledge to vote card, adding to it the personal question; why do you vote?

What are these pledge cards?

Voter engagement pledge cards are a tool designed to increase voter turnout. Research shows that tools like this encourage conversations within communities, increase pledges to vote, and hold people accountable to that commitment. These pledge cards can be used as a tool on their own or as part of a larger effort to commit the entire community to 100% voting.

If you want to fill out a pledge to vote card / Why I vote card, click the link in the button below:

If you agreed to fill out a pledge to vote card / Why I vote card, you agree to:

1- The Arab American Civic Council ‘AACC’ and The National Network for Arab American Communities ‘NNAAC’ to send you the filled-out card by mail.

2- Having your name and address used internally by the AACC and NNAAC for data collection and research.

3- Receive an email from the AACC for any corrections needed for the filled-out cards.