Refugees Welcome in OC

The Arab American Civic Council  recently launched an effort to support refugees, specially those escaping the war in Syria, in response to the nationwide political posturing and demonization of refugees after the heinous Paris terror attacks.

Click here to learn more about the #RefugeesWelcome Guidebook & Campaign.

In an article published in the ‘Weekend’ section of the Los Angeles Times, founder/director of the council was interviewed:

But Rashad al-Dabbagh, co-founder and director of the Anaheim-based Arab American Civic Council, pointed out that while many politicians on the national stage are voicing opposition to Syrian refugees, a number of local leaders in Orange County are taking a stand to support them.

“They know our community,” said al-Dabbagh. “They visit our businesses and nonprofits, they come to our events and they know the good work and positive contributions that our communities have done all over the region.”

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