Designate Little Arabia

Little Arabia District is a cultural destination in Anaheim, California, the center for Orange County’s Arab-American community. #DesignateLittleArabia is a campaign led by the Arab American Civic Council to urge the Anaheim City Council to officially designate Little Arabia on Brookhurst Street.

Every week, thousands of visitors shop, dine, worship, and celebrate within the vibrant ethnic community of Little Arabia, located in the area of Brookhurst Street between Interstate 5 and Katella Avenue in the city of Anaheim. The Arab-American community has contributed to the economy and culture of Anaheim by opening restaurants, mosques, churches, clothing stores, hair salons, and other destinations for those wishing to experience Middle Eastern culture.

 The Arab American Civic Council recently released a poll finding residents are open to an official Little Arabia designation in Anaheim. According to the poll, conducted by AACC and the University of San Diego’s US Immigration Policy Center, more than 58% of registered voters in the City of Anaheim support a Little Arabia designation. Support increases further to more than 75% of those who have been to Little Arabia district. 

The campaign to #DesignateLittleArabia was launched in November 2020 to urge the Anaheim City Council to recognize the Arab community’s economic and cultural contributions to the city, while supporting small businesses by officially designating the district, which would aid in Anaheim’s economic recovery in the aftermath of the government-ordered shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.