Arab Americans in SoCal take part in resistance against Trump’s executive orders

Last Friday evening a Seattle judge instituted a nationwide restraining order against the bigoted executive order to ban travel from 7 Muslim-majority countries, which halted its implementation across the entire U.S.  The White House then promised to appeal the decision, but the appeal was denied, allowing the affected immigrants to continue to travel to the U.S.

This victory was won because hundreds of thousands of people came together in unity to resist the ban and took to the streets and airports across the nation, including here in Southern California.

Ho16266089_710284622463302_1669401135122231807_nwever, we ask our members and supporters to remain vigilant, and continue this beautiful resistance to stand with those targeted by the Trump Administration’s executive orders.

In past two weeks we took part in the following actions:
1. Joined rallies at LAX to welcome refugees and immigrants as they arrive
2.  Provided translators to help families arriving, including an Iraqi refugee mother diagnosed with cancer detained for 6 hours before her release. (See: KPCC)
3. Participated in two press conferences to reject the bigoted travel ban alongside diverse community organizations. (CBSNBC)
4. Participated in the rally in front of Rep. Mimi Walter’s office to show concern about the travel ban and ask for an open town hall meeting. (abc7)