Humanitarian activist/emergency medic Mohammad JD to be honored at the Arab American Heritage Gala

IMG_20170306_120529_853The Arab American Civic Council is proud to announce that it will honor humanitarian activist and emergency medic Mohammad JD during its second annual Arab American Heritage Gala, which will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at the Pacific Hills Banquet Hall in Laguna Hills, CA.

Mohammad JD is an emergency medic who is currently completing his graduate anesthesia studies in Northern California. From Chicago to Mali, refugee camps in Turkey, to Greece and Lebanon, Mohammad has used his training to help those in need. He continues to be the voice to the voiceless when he is not residing in a refugee camp. Mohammad has written and produced the mini Documentary “No Place like HOPE” and co-authored the upcoming book “Leaving Syria: Seeking Refuge in Greece” to be released this Spring.

Tickets to attend the gala are sold at this link.