We will not be marginalized in the 2020 Census

Arab American Civic Council board Chairman Raad Ghantous sent a message to the community today to encourage their participation in the 2020 Census and ensure that the Arab community is fairly and completely counted.

Here’s the body of the email that was sent out today:

President Trump announced on Wednesday that his Administration would give up its attempts to add an unnecessary citizenship question to the 2020 Census. This is great news for our communities and for a fair and more accurate census.

No matter what, we remain committed to a fair and accurate #2020Census. We can’t let our Arab community be unaccounted and marginalized– we must ensure that we as a community get the representation and resources we need and deserve.

There’s a lot at stake here: The 2020 Census is less than one year away and will determine how the US Government allocates over $800 billion in funding – funding for Arab Americans’ access to resources, services, and programs.

As home to a large Arab American community, the State of California could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds and a seat in the House of Representatives. In 2010, although California maintained its 53 seats, other states such as New York lost two seats and millions of dollars in funding. A complete and accurate count means better representation and more funding for our communities, including the Arab American community.  

Keep in mind that the Census Bureau protects personal data and your identity is completely anonymous. No other government agency, not event the President, has access to personal Census data, which is protected by Title 13 of the US Code.

The Arab American Civic Council plans to coordinate a robust countywide effort to educate Arab American communities about the importance of the 2020 Census and motivate them to participate. When Census Day comes we will ensure community members are prepared and ready to complete their census forms.

To get involved, sign up here.