AACC Urges Members of Congress to protect our free speech rights

AACC sends letter to Orange County Members of Congress expressing its disappointment for lending legitimacy to attacks on free speech rights.

The Arab American Civic Council, an Orange County-based grassroots community organization, sent a letter today to the Orange County Congressional delegation expressing its disappointment for their votes to support H.Res.246 — a resolution that condemns the BDS Movement.

The letter stated in part: 

From the Boston Tea Party to opposing apartheid in South Africa, the United States has had a long and proud history of boycotts. As a form of constitutionally-protected free speech, boycotts should continue to be protected.

The resolution lends legitimacy to attacks on First Amendment-protected free speech for social justice, gives the right-wing Israeli government the green light to continue attacks on Palestinians, and undermines work towards peace and justice for all people.

The Arab American Civic Council was among 250 organizations, scholars, movement leaders, and supporters of justice who signed a letter calling on Congress to uphold our right to boycott for justice in Palestine.