Meet Our IMPACT Intern

Jeanine Nassar is a first-year Political Science Administrative Studies Major at the University of California, Riverside. She was selected as the IMPACT Intern at the Arab American Civic Council. The Initiate Meaningful Partnerships and Community Transformation (IMPACT) Internship program, a partnership between UCR’s Middle Eastern Student Center and the AACC, is designed to further advance their mission of social justice and community engagement. 

Jeanine’s past leadership experiences include serving as Commissioner of Social Activities and Senior Class President, in which she has learned the importance of awareness and advocating for issues that affect members of her given community. 

Being a Palestinian and Jordanian American, Jeanine has always held her heritage close to her heart. She realizes the significance of her privilege to be one of the voices of her Arab community. Having completed a capstone project on the many injustices undocumented immigrants encounter, Jeanine developed a passion towards addressing the needs of the under represented. The internship with the AACC will allow Jeanine to serve as a voice for Arab Americans and advocate for what is needed in our society. She is eager to encourage the further recognition of her heritage throughout Southern California.

Jeanine is beyond excited to serve her community in this position as an IMPACT intern with the AACC by breaking the barriers Arab Americans face in their everyday life.