11 California Cities that Issued Arab American Heritage Month Proclamations

All around the nation, America has celebrated Arab American Heritage Month during the month of April. With more than 120 proclamations issued nationwide in an effort coordinated by Arab America Foundation. Here at the Arab American Civic Council we have worked locally to request proclamations in areas that have a high concentration of Arab Americans in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Cities such as Anaheim, San Diego , Fullerton, Garden Grove have once again issued proclamations declaring the month of April Arab American Heritage Month, along with Anaheim Unified High School District, the County of Orange, and the California State Senate. In addition to the recurring cities, this year we are fortunate to add even more to the list. New cities like Los Angeles, Tustin, Irvine, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and Corona have all proclaimed the month of April to be recognized as Arab American Heritage Month for the first time.

1. Los Angeles

2. Anaheim

3. San Francisco

4. City of Corona

5. Irvine

6. Fullerton

7. Tustin

8. Rancho Cucamonga

9. San Diego

10. Riverside

11. Garden Grove

[Update] 12/20/2021

At least one other city adopted Arab American Heritage Month later on. Palmdale City Council recognized April as Arab American Heritage Month in its May council meeting.