Urge Anaheim’s City Council to Designate Little Arabia on June 7th

The Issue: 

  • The Designation of Little Arabia has been ignored because of former Mayor Harry Sidhu’s corruptive practices. 
  • After the recent allegations of corruption stemming from former Mayor Harry Sidhu, Arab American voters, residents, and workers in Anaheim wish to voice their disapproval.
  • Former Mayor Harry Sidhu has tried to split the Arab community by bullying leading community figures. Sidhu has attempted to politicize the Designation by branding organizers and supporters of Little Arabia’s designations as enemies of his campaign. 

Why This Is Important: 

  • Arab Americans do not want to be politicized. Using Arabs as a political prop is a dehumanizing tactic and historically ignores the needs of the Arab community.
  • In a recent survey, the Arab American Civic Council found that 80% of Little Arabia stakeholders are unsure or do not feel that the City Council cares for their concerns. These numbers will be maintained until the City Council acts on the people’s concerns. 
  • It is important to show a sense of unity by disapproving of the allegations of corruption and focusing on what is right for the district. 

Our Call to Action: 

  • We want Anaheim to empower and uplift the Arab community.  
  • We need to voice our disavowal of corruption by showing our community can rise above these allegations.  
  • We want the City Council to officially agendize the Designation Little Arabia to heal and unify the community. The Designation will formally recognize the significant contributions of the Arab community, who have historically gone through social disadvantages, one being Harry Sidhu’s corruption.

Why Designate Little Arabia, and What Will it Do?

  • The Little Arabia District is home to over 100 services catering to the Middle East and North African community of Southern California. Home to thousands of residents of Arab descent, Little Arabia has served as a launching pad for immigrants to step into the American dream and has been a cultural attraction for Arab Americans across the country for over forty years.  
  • Designating Little Arabia as a cultural district will preserve Little Arabia’s heritage in Anaheim while providing resources for educational, economic, and community development.