Anaheim Council approves funding for a Little Arabia “Study” 

On Tuesday, March 7, Anaheim City Council approved a Professional Services Agreement with Dudek, in the amount not to exceed $199,500, for a one year term with two one-year optional renewals for consulting services to complete the Brookhurst Street Corridor Study; and authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to execute and administer the agreement.

The council voted unanimously in support of the agenda item. 

Dudek proposes using a three step work plan to conduct the Study, with each step taking approximately eight weeks to complete, resulting in a timeline of six months to complete the Study. 

The Study will consist of the previously mentioned scope and will produce six deliverables: 

1) Brookhurst Corridor outreach & engagement plan, 

2) facilitated community workshops and online engagement methods, 

3) study area physical conditions report, 

4) market and real estate analysis, and 

5) a report to the City Council with findings, funding options, and a recommendation on the type of designation and proposed changes to the boundaries, if any, for the Little Arabia district.

Click here to see the full proposal.